Belles & Bouquets is born!

Hello, as I completed my SA School of Weddings course and certificate I recall when my husband and I married – it was smallish and organised by myself, family and friends. In spite of that time being one of the happiest in my life, I also remember the stress of having to cope with holding down a full time job and trying to organise everything at the same time, never mind a much larger wedding… Then thinking how wonderful it would have been to have had a Wedding Planner who would suggest, guide and organise all for me. In these modern times, weddings have become an enormous issue and responsibility which a bride-to-be mostly has little or no time to deal with.

Thus the start of Belles & Bouquets and my wish to help those brides in need of any planning, floral and d├ęcor services affordably and with much thought and care.

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