Why Us?

Our patience!   You are engaged, excited and start planning your wedding!  You want everything from the colour of everyone’s outfits to the wedding cake toppers to be matching, flawless and on-trend.  Then suddenly this becomes stressful hours of indecision while you start getting input from social media, friends and well meaning family .  To get this right can be difficult unles you have a professional who knows how it all comes together.

Belles and Bouquets are infinitely patient with our bridal couples and their families – we deal everyday with couples and know and understand the confusion and indecision brides face.  We are open to your constant queries and communication whenever you need with much understanding, thought and care.  We give advise when asked but never over-step – your wedding is as important to us as it is to you because it is our business to make you happy.

Below are a few other good reasons people turn to a wedding planner for help:

Choosing a wedding venue, one of the most important starting points of setting your date …

There are many aspects to look into when booking venues. Belles & Bouquets have worked at very many beautiful venues and have excellent advice on what to look for, where and questions to ask when deciding on the dream venue for you. However a lot of couples already come to us having chosen their venue and ask us to help with their wedding them, colour choice, flower choice and decor

Although family and friends have offered to help, they haven’t taken all your needs into consideration…

Belles & Bouquets understand that wedding planning/décor & flowers isn’t for everyone. We aim to be the support you need, advising, taking control if and when you need us to. While friends may mean well, your wedding planner will look at the big picture, taking everything into consideration from creating the dream wedding reception to finalizing guest lists and seating plans. We allow you to constantly interact with us if you wish, either via WhatsApp, emails or calls

You and your fiance both have full time jobs and the wedding date is getting closer… 

Finding the time to plan a wedding can be the biggest challenge of all. Perhaps you both work full time, sitting down to talk about the wedding could seem impossible after a long day. With the big day on the horizon, there’s no better time to get things organized with a wedding planner. We have the added bonus of being florists with a large range of beautiful décor to suit your budget, so whether you have a set date and have a few details planned already, or need help from the start, we can help you realise your wedding day dreams.

Budgeting problems

So many couples run into budgeting problems early on when organizing their wedding day. This is where Belles & Bouquets can step in to help, give us a budget and we will work with your specifications to create a wedding day. From location to wedding day decor, we can help.

You simply don’t know where to start!

Getting married for the first time can leave even the most organised of people confused and frustrated. Enlisting the help of a qualified and experienced wedding planner could well be the answer to your dilemma. At Belles & Bouquets, we listen, guide and help from start to finish with our sympathetic ear and lots of patience.  We offer a full service plan or help with only some items of your wedding such as decor/flowers/stationery etc – feel free to ask